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I quit a decade-long software engineering career to build a joyful Workato alternative. Workato is a feature-rich workflow builder, but would you want to pay for things you don't need?
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Save up to 25K per year.

That's how much you'll save by choosing Embed Workflow's Standard plan versus Workato.

Workato will confuse your users.

Workato expects your end-users to learn industry-specific terminology. Software should work for them, not the other way around.

Eliminate Employee Headaches.

Refrain from burdening your team with building and maintaining a complex automation and integration platform.

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Why choose Embed Workflow over Workato

Here are some reasons to choose Embed Workflow over Workato:

Focus on your core business.

Onboarding a full-blown iPaaS like Workato will take up much of your resources. Your team will love how simple and easy our setup process is.

Impress your end users.

We have designed our solution to look and feel like your own, and we blend it into your product for a seamless experience.

Embeddable components.

Need a form builder, too? No problem. Want to display the status of a running workflow? We got that, too. Your end-users will love our growing embeddable UI component library.

An extension to your team.

We are your workflow experts. Leave the complex boring stuff to us. And when help is needed, our engineers and product experts will be hands-on seven days a week.

Why choose Workato over Embed Workflow

Here are some reasons to choose Workato over Embed Workflow:

Integrating Platform as a Service.

Need to take advantage of hundreds of integrations? Workato is an enterprise-grade iPaaS that also offers enterprise automation.

Building Complex Processes.

Business processes can require many integrations and data transformations. For large-intensive workflows, Workato is a great fit.

Abundant budget and resources

If you have a wealth of resources and can afford the hefty price, then you can take advantage of the more features Workato offers.

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UI Component Library

Both Embed Workflow and Workato offer embeddable UI components but with different approaches.

Embed Workflow offers many components added anywhere in your app, rendered natively. You can add an icon to your navigation and then the workflow builder down the page; it is your choice.

Unfortunately, Workato uses iFrames. A few drawbacks to using iframes affect security, usability, and SEO. To Workato's credit, they managed to wire together browser navigation, deep-linking, and redirection with their solution. These are required because they render the entire UI in the iframe.

Workflow Builder

Embed Workflow's workflow builder:

Embed Workflow offers an intuitive, user-friendly workflow builder that can be embedded anywhere in your application. The design is customized to match your brand's theme.

Multiple UI components contain the builder: workflow_editor and workflow_settings.

The workflow settings component helps manage the workflow forms and fields in one element, like a workflow wizard.

Using the builder is very easy. It is well documented, just a few lines of HTML, and your application has a workflow builder. For instance:

Embed Workflow workflow editor
Workato's workflow builder:

Workato offers many products. One is Workato Embedded, and users can build, run, and maintain integrations in their UI. To use this feature, you must set up the vendor's user account, generate a URL, and add an iframe to your product. Their documentation offers much information to help you through this detailed process.

The most significant limitation is you must use all components in one. It is an app within an app, and contrary to sprinkling in pieces to fit within your existing product.

Form Builder

Forms supply user-entered data to workflows so they can execute.

Embed Workflow has a drag-and-drop form builder, and it is a convenient tool for building and sharing forms that automatically execute workflows. They embed nicely on static sites, look good on mobile devices, and have a devoted URL for easy sharing.

Embed Workflow form editor

Workato does not offer a form builder, and you must use their API to build custom forms to trigger your workflows.

Embed Workflow vs. Workato pricing plans

Last but not least, let's talk numbers. Both Embed Workflow and Workato are embeddable workflow solutions powering your product with workflow automation and integration functionality, but Embed Workflow has a significantly less expensive price tag.

Embed Workflow pricing:

  • Free plan including 1,000 actions
  • $5 per 1,000 actions
  • Enterprise: Volume discounts

Workato pricing:

Pricing is not publicly shared. I've read people pay 15-30K annually. Capterra reports they start from $10,000/year.

Workato reddit pricing

Deciding Factors

Upfront savings (time/money)

Building a workflow infrastructure yourself comes with a hefty price tag, and either of these solutions will save you time and money.

Embed Workflow only takes minutes, offers free onboarding, and renders natively out of the box. They win big when it comes to the upfront saving.

Ongoing savings (time/money)

Workato is a robust platform with many products, so the price is significantly higher than Embed Workflow's.

Embed Workflow is the leaner solution that will reduce your monthly costs and require much less employee time to manage.

End-user value

Your users likely need to learn about BPMN or iPaaS terminology when using Workato. That is a learning curve you won't want for your users. Embed Workflow keeps language and the interface very simple.

Bottom line: If you're looking for an embeddable workflow solution to enhance your product, make your users happy, and be affordable, we built Embed Workflow just for you.

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