Service-based business

Running a service-based business is tedious and requires a lot of attention. From appointment scheduling, client communication, and lead generation, requires organization, time, and money.

Platforms are often complex and you end up paying for a bunch of features you do not need. Without the right platform, you may find yourself disorganized and left with unhappy customers.

Embed Workflow gives service businesses the tools they need to build, customize, and manage their internal processing workflows.

No website - no problem.

Use our no-code visual form builder to start building beautiful forms to send to your customers. It is easy to use and our support team is here just in case.

Inbox user interface

Staying organized

Remove the extra steps of inserting your customer's name and rewriting your emails by adding dynamic fields. Then schedule your tasks with a delay so you won't forget to follow-up with your customers when it is time for another service.

Customer profile user interface

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