Simple native workflow builder for your end-users

Embed Workflow lets your users create triggers, actions and maximize the potential of what they can do with your software.

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Augment What Your Users Can Do With Your Software
Mountable App
Your users won't even realize that the workflow app was embedded with one line of HTML.
Workflow triggers
Your users can set trigger events and conditions to control when workflows should execute.
Custom Actions
Predefine custom actions to replicate in-app behavior while making it easy for your users.
Design their workflow
They use a simple and intuitive workflow builder that fits perfectly in your app.

Make Workflows Our Problem, Not Yours

The workflow builder you embed into your product for your end-users. Workflow automation has never been so easy to build.

Native Frontend

We are not using iFrames. The UI component library looks and feels like your own, and your application users cannot tell.

Highly Performant

Our back end is fast, efficient, and reliable.


Our tools are easy to use, even for the non-tech-savvy.

Multi-User Settings

Create as many users as you like and define group settings giving you complete flexibility.


We offer an API, a component UI library, an admin dashboard, and language-specific SDKs.

Your Workflow Experts

Our primary focus are workflows and making them work for your product.

How Embed Workflow Works

How Embed Workflow Works

Implement Embed Workflow in Any Application in Just 3 Minutes

With a few lines of code, you can have Embed Workflow integrated in any app written in any language and any framework. We provide 30+ SDKs & Quickstarts to help you succeed on your implementation.

<!-- EWF Element -->
<div class="EWF__app" data-base-path="workflows"></div>

Some frequently asked questions

Question #1
What kind of applications are compatiable?
The only dependency is HTML. It works with all web based products.
Question #2
What are workflows and actions?
A workflow is a pre-defined template of steps. When a workflow starts, an action starts. For instance, if you have a 6-month service reminder workflow, an action will be created in 6-months to notify the customer by email.
Question #3
What kind of support do you provide?
Anyone can reach us by email. Standard and Plus account users will have direct access to the engineering team. We often record screencasts, send emails, and chat on Slack to communicate.
Question #4
Will I be charged if I do not exceed 1,000 actions in a month?
No. If you don't use more than 1,000 actions in a month, it is 100% free!
Question #5
Do you offer additional help?
Of course! Getting you started and properly onboarded is our top priority. We would love to help.
We only succeed when you succeed.